How to add another author to your Blogger blog

You have complete control over who posts and who edits your post on Blogger. If you want to allow others to edit your post, you can enable others to edit your blog by following the steps below.

How to Let others edit your Blog Post

sing in to Blogger

Click the down arrow on the top left corner Select the blog you want to update.

Click left Menu on settings.

Go to Permissions on Blog Authors and click on Add Authors.

-Enter the email address of the person you want to add

-Click on Invite Authors.

Once the invitation is accepted, the person will be added to the list. You can add a total of 100 members to your blog.

Remove Access

Sing in to your Blogger

-Go to Permissions in Blog Author and Select the team member you want to remove.

Removed author's previous posts will appear on the blog but he cannot edit the post.


How to change public blog to restricted on Blogger


Your blog is public and anyone can read it on the web. If you want to change the setting of your blog, you can follow the steps below.


How to change settings who can see your Blog

-sing to your Blog

-Click the down arrow on the top list corner. Select the blog you want to update.

-Click left Menu on settings and then click on Basic.

 -Click on Edit in the permissions of Blog Readers.

 Select on Public, Private-Only Blog Authors or Private-Only these readers.

Click on Save changes.


How to Add share button on Blogger

The share button helps others to share your site content on email and social media sites. So if you also want to add share button on your blogger site then follow this guide.


How to Share your post on other sites

 sign in to your Blogger

-Click on Layout in left Menu

- Click on Edit in Blog post Widget

Check " Show share Buttons.


How to share Content with the help of site feed

sign in Blogger

Go to settings and click on Other

-In Site Feed, select how much content you want to share.

I hope this article has helped you to add Share button on Your Blog.

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