Modern Aluminium Windows Facts

Here are some facts about aluminum windows. First, aluminium windows have improved significantly over the past few years. Aluminium windows are no longer limited to commercial buildings. Today, homeowners have a wide range of options for windows.


Modern Aluminium Windows Facts

Aluminium Windows Provide a Complete Home Solution

You may not realize that aluminum windows are available for all types of homes. Aluminium windows can be used in any design, shape, or style. Please take a look at any modern home, whether it is an architect-designed one or contemporary home. Aluminium is used in many modern buildings for its windows and doors.


Double glazing buyers no longer have limited options. modern aluminium windows were previously available in various colors, but they could only be ordered with a subframe made from hardwood.

Modern aluminium windows are perfect for any extension. They can be used to replace timber windows or offer slimline solutions that replicate old metal windows.

It is essential to distinguish the facts from the fiction when shopping for windows. There are many myths about aluminium windows, and PVCu companies might try to discourage you.


Open Living offers a variety of aluminium and PVCu windows. There are no terrible products - each product offers different options depending on the needs of your home, budget, and other factors. While you may know about the many benefits of PVCu windows, what about aluminium?


Aluminium Windows Are Very Efficient in Terms of Heat Transfer

If you look at a PVCu profile, you will see many chambers. These chambers not only give the frame strength but also provide energy efficiency.

Aluminium windows also have chambers, but they rely less on them. An aluminium window's structural strength comes from its inherent strength. What's known as a "thermal break" is what gives thermal insulation. Thermal breaks are built into them to create a connection between the outside and inside faces of aluminium windows. This is what insulates a window's frame.

Aluminium windows can now be made with high-quality glass and just like PVCu.

One example of our Origin Twin Flush windows is an energy-efficient window that comes with an A rating. This window will perform even better when you add Aerogel to it. Please take a look at this article.


Traditional Properties Can have Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have many advantages. They can be made in different frame depths. Aluminium windows are ideal for new builds, extensions, and replacements of old windows.

Many properties have stone window surrounds, stone millions, and hardwood subframes. Homeowners often retain these as an essential feature of their home.

Aluminum windows can be used with any hardwood or stone surround. A slimline aluminum window will not only look great, but it will also blend well with any property.

All of our windows are custom-designed. You can choose from a straight-fix window or an odd-leg window that fits into hardwood frames.


Modern Aluminium Windows Facts

Additional Facts About Aluminum Windows

Aluminium windows are solid and thin by their very nature. modern aluminium windows offer greater design possibilities.

You might want to build a modern extension to your home with large glass panels.

Aluminium windows are more significant than PVCu so that you can create large span windows without the need for transoms or mullions.

Both aluminium and PVCu windows offer a wide range of colors. Aluminium windows are more suited to being colored. Powder coating is used to coat aluminum windows. This process has been demonstrated for almost forty years to be superior to any wet paint process. PVCu windows are foil coated, which is excellent quality but doesn't offer as many colour options.


If you are looking for a wood-effect finish, aluminum is a great choice. Sublimation, which is found in our Origin windows, allows you to enjoy the benefits of Thinline, robust, and thermally efficient aluminum with a wood-effect finish that's great to touch and see.

There are over 200 colors to choose from, including metallic, wood effects, and metallic, as well as textured granite and sandstone finishes.


Aluminium Windows Are What We Recommend

Aluminium windows will give you:

There are many color options

·        Larger windows

·        Solution for stone mullions and hardwood subframes

·        Multipoint locking provides high security

·        Excellent window energy ratings

Open Living offers a full range of aluminium windows. We also offer a wide selection of sliding doors, bi-folding doors, and lantern roofs. Contact us for a free quotation if you are looking for windows.

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