Top 5 Reasons Why Packaging is Important

Packaging, whether it's food packaging, cosmetics packaging, electronics packaging or piece of clothing packaging, has a purpose as to why it's there.

Top 5 Reasons Why Packaging is Important

Take some time to memorize the last item you purchased. Now that you have the item in mind, can you tell us how its packaging impresses you?  Which image comes to your mind first?  Do you think about its safety, design or shape?  Or perhaps its temporary role as a protector of its contents?

What they have in common with different everyday products is that they inevitably come in some kind of packaging. Packaging has many different roles. These include safety, security, increased usage, attractive appearance, optimal design and specific customer requirements. However, what is often considered with packaging is for single use purposes only. Either it has to start using the product that is pulled in, or it is thrown away as soon as the packaging material runs out. The result is the same. This is only temporary.

There is no doubt why packaging waste has become a major global problem. Our culture of single use has drastically increased the amount of packaging waste on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Plastics, as packaging materials, harm the environment by contaminating natural landscapes, melting into small microplastics, and reaching oceans and marine biodiversity. An increasing number of businesses, organizations and academies are working to find renewable and more sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging materials that can be completely and safely reused, recycled and flowered.

Today, everyday products have a short life but long lasting effects. Increased material circulation will reduce the amount of single-use packaging and extend the life cycle of materials.

Next, I list five key reasons why packaging is important.


1. Protection.

The main purpose of packaging is to protect its contents from any damage that may occur during transportation, handling and storage. The packaging maintains the product in its logistics chain from the manufacturer to the end user. This protects the product from moisture, light, heat and other external factors. This is the most important purpose of packaging. Because of this, it is not uncommon to end up with more packaging than the original product.  Especially when ordering items from an online store. The amount of packaging lost behind the product can be really staggering. Overall, the purpose of packaging is to protect, but there is no difference between an intelligent and well-designed packaging and a packaging that has no purpose. Visit for Normal CPU Temperature While Gaming.


2. Safety

Above all, packaging plays an important role in protecting its contents and consumers. The packaging should contain important product information and safety. For example, the date of packaging for food products, the best before the date and the list of ingredients should be clearly visible on the packaging. No harmful chemicals, odors, or flavors should be transmitted to food from packaging materials, whether from virgin or recycled materials. In addition, it should be clear from the packaging if it contains toxic substances. All of these pieces of information enhance product safety for consumers. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Packaging is Important

3. Attraction

Packaging is an important part of product brand and marketing. A unique packaging can increase the attractiveness of the product and thus affect the desire to buy the product. Packaging is as important as the product. It aims to stand out off the shelf or website, increase sales, provide product information and increase interest. Two-thirds say packaging has an impact on their purchasing decisions. A packaging can also tell the whole story about the business behind the product and the environmental, social and economic impact of the product. It's a way to communicate the company's values ​​and the great benefits that products bring to consumers.


4. Usability

Consumers are looking for suitable packaging. They demand a functional, "life saver" packaging that is incredibly user-friendly. Only consumers evaluate the use of packaging. A packaging that is easy to open and close, easy to assemble and configure after use, and that can be reused or recycled will meet some consumer needs. In addition, the maximum design increases usage. Today's trend in packaging use has seen a shift from a single-stand culture back to bulk, reusable packaging and the purchase of products in their containers as before 1960.  Environmentally conscious consumers already bring their empty jars, bags and containers to go grocery shopping. Thus the use of packaging remains a major challenge. How often can packaging be recycled and is it made as simple as consumers need it to be?


5. Sustainability

More and more consumers are focusing on carbon footprint, reuse and recyclability of packaging materials before deciding to purchase them. In fact, how sustainable packaging is perceived has as much positive impact on sales numbers.  Packaging design plays an important role in explaining how easy it is to separate materials and how easy it is to reuse and recycle packaging. Minimizing not only saves resources but also saves less content for users to handle.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their actions.  They review the carbon footprint of the packaging before buying the product.  Labeling on packaging that provides clear information about the environmental impact and recyclability of the product and packaging will definitely catch the eye of consumers.


Closing the loop in the packaging industry.

A good packaging is suitable for the purpose, protects its contents, saves resources and reduces its carbon footprint by using energy efficient mode of production and sustainably sourced raw materials. To achieve this quality, we can not forget the importance of maximum design, user-friendliness and efficient material cycle to reach the perfect eco-friendly packaging.

There are many important features in product packaging. Now, is all packaging difficult?  The answer is quite clear. Number packaging is a necessity of various everyday products.  As a result, more modern, reusable and durable packaging is being created every day. This is the current direction.  Another way is to bring your own bags and containers, in other words, reuse what you already have, and buy more products. Please take a look at High School of the Dead Season 2.

How much diversity can there be in packaging purposes. If you are interested in reading more about recycling and waste management, check out my recent blog post here.  Also, if you want to better understand what a circular economy is and what opportunities a circular business model provides, read my blog post Circular Economy - A Trillion Euro Opportunity.

All packaging and especially plastic waste is a problem. It's so easy. Let's choose to buy less and embrace sustainable lifestyle together!

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